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Energetyc Medicine &
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Energetyc Medicine
Change can be surprisingly swift and easy, as well as deep; healing can be enjoyable, immediately rewarding and create lasting change. It is possible to heal even the deepest emotional and psychological wounds, however old they are. Doing this empowers us to move beyond our limitations, reveal our true potential  and create a more joyful, harmonious and fulfilling future.

People often assume that to change and overcome one’s limitations is slow, difficult, painful, to be endured because it does us good. However this has not been my total experience.

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About Me/Contact
Elaine Swords - Energetyc Medicine
Chorlton-cum-Hardy Manchester M21 7GH UK
0161 881 2644  e-mail: i-am@elaineswords.com    www.elaineswords.com

Practise rooms for Energetic Medicine are easily accessible by bus (23,84,86) , tram (Barlow Moor Rd), road (A5145) and motorway.
Parking is available.
PAYMENT METHODS ARE: Cash, cheque, bank transfer and Paypal.

Through continually healing myself, I offer service in the Healing Arts.

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