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'The duty of privilege is absolute integrity'
John O'Donnohue
About Me & Contact

Elaine Swords - Energetyc Medicine
Chorlton-cum-Hardy Manchester M21 7GH UK
0161 881 2644  e-mail: i-am@elaineswords.com    www.elaineswords.com
Practise rooms for Energetic Medicine are easily accessible by bus (23,84,86) , tram (St. Werburgs Rd), road (A5145) and motorway.
Parking is available.
PAYMENT METHODS ARE Cash, cheque, bank transfer and paypal.

I come to the healing arts through continually healing myself.

For many years I built a large marketing business. After years of pushing myself beyond my limits, my health reached the edge and a healing crisis. Along my journey to healing I found new ways of living with mindfulness & opened to the healing arts. I have been practising for my own healing, to enable others to heal and I have been teaching professionally since 1995. I am a Reiki Master, Magnified Healing Master, and an astrologer. I have also completed training in Core Energetic Evolutionary Process (which is a Spiritually based Body Psychotherapy). I am a qualified Colour Light Therapy Practitioner. I have worked with many Native American Medicine Wheel teachers. My personal healing includes walking my dog, many years of 5 Rhythms Dance(’92-‘’08), Vipassana, Tonglon , Movement Medicine, Walking the Camino de Santiago, Universal Tao and writing

I am honoured to serve in these ways and passionate about the possibility of most of ones life being without struggle and ill health, enabling one to live life to the full.

Gratitude is sent out to all of my teachers, especially those I have had the honour to treat and teach.

My work is supervised.