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Spiral Star Medicine

Spiral Star Medicine, is a channel of energy which is potently needed for these changing times. It channels as a rainbow helix which you see on the homepage. It heals from the inside out, at a cellular level, leaving less room for dis-ease. Clients have seen this helix while receiving and those who have worked with me for years enjoy the added potency of their healing with Spiral Star Medicine.

'I saw a double spiral coming down into me, it was made up of different colours, mostly purple'.
'That was the most powerful treatment I have ever had from you Elaine, it felt like my cells were vibrating'.
'I actually felt the dis-ease in me turn to ease'.

It is a potent healer and teacher, continuing my personal journey of raising awareness and frequency to enable the use of this gift.

See Energetyc Medicine for benefits and session details


Where ever you are, it is possible to receive a treatment via Skype or FaceTime.

The impact of Elaine's Spiral Star Medicine sessions has been so powerful that I recommend anyone wishing to take a fast track into personal development to have a series of sessions and venture into the world of the Self and truly get down to life changing work. If you want to be of service, take a look within with Elaine's guidance and notice how you will rapidly be of service to your community/the world... Things start happening, trust me! Blanca Sierra Spain

"Receiving spiral star energy from Elaine was one of the most powerful therapeutic experiences of my life. The energy got right to the core of the patterns I have been dealing with my entire life, finally allowing them to shift. Most importantly, spiral star energy felt complete. It was all I needed. And this sense of being complete, of what I have right now being enough, still fills me. Thank you for such a transformative experience." Andrew London

ĎFor nearly twenty-five years Iíve worked as a counsellor, doing my best to help people heal their deep and painful wounds. Iíve also been on the receiving end of some very good counselling and I still believe thereís a need for that kind of therapy. I have no doubt, however, that through going to Elaine for Spiral Star Medicine and initially, Colour Light Therapy I have received energetic medicine that has touched and healed parts of my being that were out of range of the talking therapies. It seems there are times when only energetic medicine can produce the deep healing that someone needs and sometimes it can do that so much faster and more effectively than years of counselling or psychotherapy can.

For me Spiral Star Medicine has cleansed and healed wounds of the present and the past, some of it far distant and beyond this lifetime. It has helped me find and get to know parts of myself and my background that hold extraordinary resources which I can now utilise. Basically, Spiral Star Medicine is helping me to rediscover who I truly am and to embrace my wholeness, wellness and my inner wisdom. Itís also helping me to see and stay steady on the path I need to follow at this time.

I find that Spiral Star Medicine feels good and it always goes exactly to where itís really needed. It gets to the truth of whatís bothering me and then it gives me the means to heal the cause of my dis-ease Ė if I choose to heal. Along the way Iím often surprised at what I discover, I sometimes feel pain and sorrow and there are times when I feel frightened (of what I think I might find lurking within). Throughout every session, though, I know that Iím absolutely safe with Elaine and the Spiral Star Medicine and I canít remember a time when I havenít ended up feeling delighted and thrilled with the healing thatís just happened.

In our sessions Elaine mostly seems to channel Spiral Star Medicine by sitting with her hands over the top of my head. Soon after sheís started I feel the energy flowing in, through to the parts and places Iíve asked for help with. Sometimes Iíve felt the Spiral Star Medicine flowing in softly, almost imperceptibly whilst at other times the flow has been strong and wide. On one occasion it came in with a great, big whoosh and that was a surprise, but a very pleasant, even fun one. However itís flowed, Iíve always experienced Spiral Star Medicine as being an incredibly wise, loving, generous, truly unconditional and hugely powerful healing energy. I get the impression that it delights in being able to help us and is immensely satisfied at being able to do so in partnership with Elaine.

I feel privileged to be able to receive this wonderful healing energy from such a competent, sensitive and deeply compassionate practitioner. One who doesnít shirk from facing her own shadows and who is, therefore, willing and able to stay alongside me as I face mine. We both know thatís usually where the healing begins, no matter how tempting it is to take refuge in the light.

The fact that Elaine works from a clear and sound ethical base enables her to provide a genuinely safe sanctuary wherein true healing can and really does happen. In these times of change the importance of Elaine serving as she has been called, channeling such powerful energetic medicine cannot be over-emphasised. Ď

Michele Crouan Dip. Couns., M.A. Couns. Studies, P.G.C.E., Cert. Couns. Supervision, Adv. Cert. Expressive Therapy, Dip. Client-Centered Shamanic Therapy