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"Elaine puts a smile back on your face. She can imagine your freedom even if you can't. She can imagine you're healing if you can't. She's one of life's sunbeams. She's a loyal friend. If there was a page in the Yellow Pages for Distribution of Light, she'd be right there. She's taken the journey, there and back again so she's not afraid of the dark. She's worked hard for her medicine and it's well crafted. Take a sip. The light is always at the end of the tunnel."
Ya'Acov Darling Khan. School of Movement Medicine, November 2006
Energetyc Medicine

Using a Shamanic process which is allowing nature, the Earth and Sky energies to facilitate letting go of Ďout worní habits and patterns, (physical, emotional, or mental) which no longer serve us. There is gold hidden in this out worn energy; by transforming the old we can then bring about the alchemy which can serve us in good health, peace of mind, deeper relationships, fulfilling our potential and deepening the connection with our Spirit. Itís alchemy, when we make space, new life can fill us.

Weaving together Astrology, Colour Light Therapy, Dream work, Spiral Star Medicine, Shamanic and Reiki healing to your individual needs, giving a unique way of healing. Together we will create your individualised Energetyc Medicine plan. I will create a safe space for you, to enable your healing and change, we will work at a pace which suits you.

How many sessions are needed and how often?
This varies according to the clients requirements. The frequency is agreed individually, some healing requires weekly treatment, sometimes monthly can suit, and sometimes one treatment is enough. What is important is that you are able to receive the treatments you require and we can fit around your circumstances.
Most sessions are an hour, some an hour and a half.

Would you simply like to treat yourself? Or are you stressed? Do you wake in the night with a racing mind and can't sleep? Do you want to stop overeating / drinking and just can't? Are you in physical pain? Or do you have physical dis-ease in your body? Are your emotions ruling your life? Or an unhealthy relationship disempowering you?