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I am honoured to write this testimonial.
In January '07 I went to Elaine for a Reiki treatment while recovering from day surgery to remove a tumour. At this time I feared it was malignant due to my lifestyle and family history; my Father has cancer and my Mother died from cancer in 2004. I shared my fears with Elaine who invited me to do a series of Colour light Therapy (CLT) designed to release negative patterns from our Parents. Subsequently, results showed that my tumour was banine however, I recognised that I needed to make some changes and decided to give myself the gift of doing this unusual work with her. => more
Colour Light Therapy
Colour Puncture

“After teaching Reiki and using Shamanic healing for many years, I recognised a need of unblocking energy which worked deeper and possibly quicker. I then found Colour Light Therapy”. Colour Light Therapy is a method similar to acupuncture. Instead of using needles to stimulate the flow of Chi, it uses a pen light with a choice of 11 slim quartz glass rods of different colours. The difference is, a needle can unblock the flow of energy; however, using colour on the same point relieves colds (red), headaches (blue), helps elimination (green), or strengthens the intestines (yellow). The coloured light is applied to the skin on specific points, found on the body’s matrix grid using our own finger measurement. Each coloured light carries a particular frequency message, which the cells throughout the body can easily absorb and transmit to facilitate balance and health. As the healing message is received, whatever was the cause of the disharmony can be released. In this way the person can begin remembering and resonating with the natural capacity for health. When they receive the energy (light) and the information (colour) the cells are reminded to resonate in their natural frequency. Toxins are released – either physical or emotional – and thus the cells can come back into balance. Colour Light Therapy is largely inspired by research, originally created by naturopath Peter Mandel, from Germany. He pioneered Kirlian photography for diagnosis, using the hands and toes.  He used this along with Goethe and Steiner’s colour for healing, creating esogetics, a scientific healing modality. Sarita Newman worked closely alongside Peter Mandel for many years and is responsible for the integration of emotional release, hypnosis, dialoguing and dream work into the colour work.
Individual Treatments: One session or a series of sessions can be custom designed for you according to your needs. There are many possibilities of treatment which can be used according to the subject you would like to work with, whether it is physical, emotional or psychological.
Physical – Immune Rejuvenation, Lymph Flow Rejuvenation, Anti Toxin Rescue
Emotional – Hormonal Balance, Body/Mind/Emotional Detox, Love Treatment
Psychological – Thalamus, Limbic, Hypothalamus, Glandular treatments.
For more profound and lasting results it is recommended to receive a series of sessions, which will focus on a particular area of personal development.
Prenatal Series / 9 sessions – cleanses trauma stored in the body/mind from the time of conception, the 9 months in the womb and birth. It also enters into the dimension of the Bardo, or time in-between death and rebirth, helping transcend stuck patterns, which repeat over and over. This series is recommended for any addictive tendencies, deep insecurity issues, or if it is known that the birth has been difficult. Can be done on babies and children as well as adults.
Male Female Balance / 9 sessions – helps to release negative imprints from the mother and father, thus helping you to discover your own unique truth. Deepening relationships with self other, parents, and opens your creativity.  It also works on balancing right and left hemispheres of the brain and on the hormonal system.
Seed Layer / 9 sessions – works on liberating the organ Function Circles according to the Chinese map of how various organs, elements and emotions fit together. Cellular memories are released from the organs enabling them to rebalance and function effectively.
Sexual Healing Series / 12 sessions – is designed to transform any issues around sexuality, such as lack of libido, premature ejaculation, difficulty to experience orgasm, sexual abuse trauma. Reconnecting you with your ability to manifest your aspirations in the world.
Freedom From Bondage / 3 sessions – helps you to release the negative aspect of any issue you choose, thus freeing you to live your life energy in a way which is more in tune with who you would like to be. Also for ‘unhooking’ from a person’s name e.g. ex-partner.
Creation Impulse Series / 6-12 sessions - works according to your birth date and numerology to help you uncover your true potential and start manifesting it in your life.
Holographic Healing / 7 sessions – helps with degenerative diseases or are worried they may get it because of family history. The light is applied is such a way that the client releases layers of conflict from the seven layers of the brain and from the solar plexus. This creates a deep letting go of past behavioural and karmic patterns and helps one to come in contact with their Holographic potential for new choices in life. The experience is one of death and rebirth while still in the same body. This gives rise to the possibility of a whole new way of being.

For training in Colour Light Therapy go to www.schoolofawakening.com

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The CLT series involved 9 approximately weekly sessions of around 90minutes and home play. It was an emotional and challenging time for me as I identified and let go of fears and patterns that were no longer serving me, both of my own and of my family, but there was laughter as well as tears and some of the treatments were deeply peaceful. Throughout this process I felt absolutely safe and held by Elaine. I came to know that I am responsible for my own health and that my patterns had created disease in my body. Fortunately these were balanced by patterns that created health and I was also able to identify these and give them more time and attention.

I cannot thank Elaine enough for inviting me to do this work with her. It has enabled me to deepen my relationship with my Father and adjust to the loss of my Mother. Above all I have found the Mother inside myself, and with her, rediscovered my joy in life. I completed the series of treatment a different person from the one who started it. A person who speaks her mind, honours herself and follows her heart even if that makes her afraid sometimes. Consequently, I am now stepping out on my own path as a Reiki Practitioner and have monthly CLT from Elaine to support and supervise me in this journey.

Becky Gorton
Reiki Master

I can only express a mix of awe and gratitude for Elaine. Her knowledge, technique and insight are inspiring. Elaine is able to open and hold a space that allows you to explore yourself. I’ve said things I’ve never told another person, she allows you to feel, to assimilate and to move onwards.
Always leave feeling better about myself and looking forward to my journey.

Thank you Elaine 

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