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Sand Spiral
Sand Spiral


'We embody through dance, becoming our own teacher.'
Spiral Star Dance symbols

A Gentle Shamanic Dance Practice one Friday a month.
We will be moving within our own ability, step and tempo. As the evening begins we enjoy slow movement, moving to light-hearted dancing to warm up with great mostly sacred music. We can then focus our attention on the areas in our bodies, which call to be moved, bringing more mindfulness and energy, coming home to self. Then giving permission to our soles to move our soul, we embody through dance becoming our own teacher. Bringing through, the possibility of awakened potential, potency and peace for our month ahead.

As we dance within a Medicine Wheel there is Spiral Star Medicine healing energy available, it is simply looking for direction. Our organs know how to function without our guidance; energy also knows how to function. With guidance this energy in motion can bring us, renewed energy, stillness, joy - your wishes, to be enjoyed in your everyday life.

Booking required to i-am@elaineswords.com. You make payment via transfer.

2020 SEPT 25TH, OCTOBER 30TH Samhain, NOV 20TH, DECEMBER 18TH Winter Solstice.


7.15-9.15 PM DOORS CLOSE AT 7.30PM

£10, £8 households less then £12,000 per annum £5 with proof of benefit.

We are a phones off practice


It is so magical and yet somehow not surprising that the potency of Spiral Star Dance transfers into our homes as we meet via Zoom. I really value the opportunity to tune out from the hectic world and turn into myself, the other dancers, the music, my body, and a deeper sense of groundedness. Thank you, Elaine for adapting to circumstances and enabling us to come together in this joy-filled way. It's a  powerful reminder that Spiral Star dance is not a building, but a state of mind, body, and spirit. Nicola

I really enjoyed spiral star dance at home. it was just as potent as being there in person and it felt like we were just as connected as usual. it was very relaxing to be able to move at my own time in my own space. I'm looking forward to the next one. Paul

Thank you for tonight Elaine, it was ace. Kellie

"It's was wonderful to see and dance with everyone again" Deborah

Words won't do the job in saying thank you for Friday night. I felt free and nutty and connected ... slept deeply and am still enjoying the ripples of energy.
Thank you so very much for sticking with it and offering this wonderful gift to share Susan

It was phenomenal to be back on the floor in this practice, bit clunky zoom wise and I'm learning. It translates for these times and connects us in shared space. Elaine

Spiral Star dance at home by Zoom was a pleasantly wonderful experience to find my SELF. You do not need a massive dance hall to dance. Spiral Star dance invites your body/soul to move there is a space and listen to your body. Stillness is the movement as well, because inside the body, there is all sorts of flow and beat movements are on to make us alive!
I had a very intimate sacred time with my body. Elaine's guiding us with the music to be in touch with our body is a total bliss. My body was vitalized and relaxed. Only you can find your SELF if you experience it.
Thank you Elaine to create this for me to experience.

'I also attend the monthly Spiral Star Dance sessions as often as I can. They are so uplifting and I feel energised yet relaxed at the same time. It is not just dancing, it is a spiritual experience and I am free to just be myself, which is a wonderful feeling'. Mary

'Rather than actually dance, I move whilst I meditate, a time to come back to myself, to clear my mind whilst some weird but mostly fabulous music lets me float for a few hours. I diary the dates and book a babysitter for the entire year. I plan my busy life around it. I feel disappointed to miss it, even for a holiday. I notice the difference of how I struggled at the start, but now I couldn’t live without it'. Kellie

'THANK YOU for making the spiral dance space available every month, which has been very valuable to me. You introduced me to the dance three years ago, opening the door to a new way of getting to know and heal myself that I'll take with me forever. You have the ability to create a gentle, sacred and safe space that is a relief from the outside world. Thank you very much for being there'. Raquel

'It is an effort to get to spiral star dance on a Friday evening after a long hard week, so I often feel exhausted and achy at the beginning, but leave feeling well exercised inside and out, much less achy and stiff, and free of work anxiety built up over the week. I am 58, Spiral Star dancing makes me feel younger and more alive - it is a high point in the month'. Susie

'It really was a wonderful experience and I feel very centred and peaceful. My lower chakras are definitely open and flowing'. Vicki

You are welcome to pop in and join us, meeting old and new friends.