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Sand Spiral
Sand Spiral


'We embody through dance, becoming our own teacher.'
Spiral Star Dance symbols

A Gentle Shamanic Dance Practice one Friday a month.
We will be moving within our own ability, step and tempo. As the evening begins we enjoy light-hearted dancing to warm up with great music. We can then focus our attention on the areas in our bodies, which call to be moved, bringing more mindfulness and energy, coming home to self. Then giving permission to our soles to move our soul, we embody through dance becoming our own teacher. Bringing through the possibility of peace, potential and potency for our month to come.

As we dance within a Medicine Wheel there is healing energy available, it is simply looking for direction. Our organs know how to function without our guidance; energy also knows how to function. With guidance this energy in motion can bring us, stillness, joy - your wishes, to be enjoyed in your everyday life.

THANK YOU for making the spiral dance space available every month, which has been very valuable to me. You introduced me to the dance three years ago, opening the door to a new way of getting to know and heal myself that I'll take with me forever. You have the ability to create a gentle, sacred and safe space that is a relief from the outside world. Thank you very much for being there. Raquel Ezcurra

It is an effort to get to spiral star dance on a Friday evening after a long hard week, so I often feel exhausted and achy at the beginning, but leave feeling well exercised inside and out, much less achy and stiff, and free of work anxiety built up over the week. I am 58, Spiral Star dancing makes me feel younger and more alive - it is a high point in the month. Susie

'It really was a wonderful experience and I feel very centred and peaceful. My lower chakras are definitely open and flowing' Vicki

Booking your first time is useful to i-am@elaineswords.com.
You make payment on the door.

2016 FRIDAY Feb. 26th, April 1st, April 29th BELTANE, May 27th, June 24th SUMMER SOLSTICE, July 22nd for LAMMAS, August 26th, September 30th, October 28th SAMHAIN, November 25th, December 23rd WINTER SOLSTICE.

7-9.15/30PM DOORS CLOSE AT 7.30PM

£10, £8 households less then £12,000 per annum £5 with proof of benefit.
St. Werburgh's Hall St. Werburgh's Rd. Off Wilbraham Rd. Chorlton Manchester M21 8UH

You are welcome to pop in and join us, meeting old and new friends.